Cross-platform Terminal Emulator In Vanilla JavaScript – vanilla-terminal

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Cross-platform Terminal Emulator In Vanilla JavaScript – vanilla-terminal


A lightweight cross-platform terminal emulator written in vanilla JavaScript without any dependencies.

Supports desktop/tablet/mobile and you can define your own shell commands in the JavaScript.

How to use it:

Create a container to place your terminal.

<div id="vanilla-terminal"></div>

Download and place the JavaScript ‘vanilla-terminal.js’ right before the closing body tag.

<script src="/path/to/vanilla-terminal.js"></script>

Create a new terminal instance inside the container you created.

const myTerminal = new VanillaTerminal();

Add your own shell commands to the terminal.

const myTerminal = new VanillaTerminal({
      commands: {
        flavour: (myTerminal) => {
        ping: (myTerminal, parameters) => {
          myTerminal.output('Ping to <u>${parameters[0]}</u>...');

More configuration options.

const myTerminal = new VanillaTerminal({

      // target container
      container: 'vanilla-terminal'

      // welcome message
      welcome: 'Welcome to <a href="">Vanilla</a> terminal.',

      // prompt message
      prompt: '',

      // custom separator
      separator: '&gt;'

API methods.

// clear

// output
myTerminal.output('Text to output.');

// prompt
myTerminal.prompt('Type your name', (name) => {
  myTerminal.output(`Hi ${name}!`);

// onInput
myTerminal.onInput((command, parameters) => {
  console.log('⚡️onInput', command, parameters);

// set prompt
myTerminal.setPrompt('Text Here');



  • New method idle()

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