Animation Controller With Timeline – AnimSequence

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Animation Controller With Timeline – AnimSequence


AnimSequence is a performant JavaScript animation library which allows you to play animations frame-by-frame with a timeline.

Basic usage:

Import the minified version of the AnimSequence library into the document.

<script src="anim-sequence.min.js"></script>

Add the animation. Possible parameters:

  • valueCallback: Returns a value that is used to draw each frame.
  • frameCallback: Called when it should draw a frame, it draws a frame with passed arguments.
  • duration: Animation duration in milliseconds.
  • count: The number of times the animation should repeat.
  • timing: Timing function.
  • reverse: Reverses the animation.
  • timeRatio: A number ranging from 0 to 1.
animId = AnimSequence.add(valueCallback, frameCallback, duration, count, timing, reverse, timeRatio)

Remove the animation.


Play the animation.

AnimSequence.start(animId, reverse, timeRatio)

Pause the animation.

AnimSequence.stop(animId, getTimeRatioByFrame)



  • v1.0.11

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