10 Best Loading Spinner/Indicator JavaScript & CSS Libraries 2018

This is a fresh new collection of 10 best JavaScript and/or CSS libraries to create and display animated, customizable loading spinners and loading indicators when loading dynamic content into the page.

10. Loaderplate


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Loaderplate is a simple, lightweight javascript library that uses SVG icons to generate an animated loading spinner on a given container.

9. css-loader


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css-loader is a set of loading indicators / spinners built using single DIV element and pure CSS/CSS3. Useful to notify you of current loading state during a specific call to and from the server.

8. ispinner


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ispinner is a lightweight CSS library that helps you display an iOS-style animated loading indicator while data in a specific area is loading.

7. Minimal Busy Indicator With JavaScript And CSS3


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A vanilla JavaScript library that uses CSS3 to create an animated loading spinner / busy indicator while loading something into your webpage.

6. Loading Effect

Loading Effect

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Loading Effect is a collection of 20+ fancy animated loading indicators (loaders, loading spinners) built using only CSS and CSS3.

5. modalLoading


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modalLoading is a minimalist JavaScript library that displays a modal-like fullscreen loading overlay / spinner for ajax requests. No CSS and images required. Works on modern browsers that support CSS3 properties.

4. whirl.css

Simple Cross-Browser Pure CSS Loading Animations - whirl.css

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whirl.css is a lightweight CSS library helps you create a variety of loading animations (loading spinners) using pure CSS/CSS3. Also comes with a loading overlay covering the target area.

3. Fast Spinner

Creating Animated Loading Spinner with Pure Javascript and CSS3 - Fast Spinner

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Fast Spinner is a simple and fast JS library for creating animated and highly customizable loading spinners for visualizing the loading progress. Animated with CSS3 animations, transforms and @keyframes.

2. Animated Google Loader with SVG and CSS

Animated Google Loader with SVG and CSS

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A Google-inspired loading spinner/loader animating through four colors, built using SVG and CSS / CSS3.

1. iOS & OS X Style Pure CSS Loading Spinner

iOS & OS X Style Pure CSS Loading Spinner

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A pure CSS/CSS3 based loading spinner with fullscreen overlay inspired by Apples’ iOS & OS X.