Inline Confirmation Button Component In Pure JavaScript

Category: Javascript | March 27, 2019
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Inline Confirmation Button Component In Pure JavaScript


A pure JavaScript component which applies an inline confirmation experience to an action button you specify.

Clicking the action button to ask your users to confirm before performing an action.

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How to use it:

Download and import the component:

<script type="module">
  import './mod.js';

The basic HTML markup.

  <span slot="confirm">Are you sure to delete it?</span>
  <button type="button" slot="content">Delete Me</button>

Enable the inline confirmation button.

let confirm = document.querySelector('inline-confirmation');
let btn = document.querySelector('button');
btn.addEventListener('click', () => { = true;

Do something as your users confirm or cancel the action.

confirm.addEventListener('confirm', () => {
  // do something
confirm.addEventListener('cancel', () => {
  // do something

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