macOS Inspired Notification Plugin With Pure JavaScript – macOSNotifJS

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macOS Inspired Notification Plugin With Pure JavaScript – macOSNotifJS


macOSNotifJS is a JavaScript plugin to display slim, customizable, growl-style notifications & alerts inspired by Apple macOS.


  • Slim and clean look.
  • Custom notification image.
  • Custom notification sound effect.
  • Custom action buttons.
  • Auto dismisses after a timeout.
  • Dismisses the notification manually by drag and swipe.

How to use it:

Upload the macOSNotif.js and res folder to your server and import the macOSNotifJS plugin’s files into the document.

<script src="macOSNotif.js"></script>

Call the function macOSNotif() to display a default notification on the page.


Customize the notification.

  // delay in seconds
  delay: .5,
  // timeout in seconds
  // 0 = disable
  autoDismiss: 0,
  // swipe/drag to dismiss
  interactDismiss: true,
  // enables sound effect
  sounds: false, 
  // theme
  theme: macOSNotifThemes.Light,          
  // attempt to detect light/dark from OS, fallback to theme
  themeNative: false,                     
  // z-index
  zIndex: 5000,
  // custom notification image
  imageSrc: null,
  imageName: "", 
  imageLink: null,
  imageLinkNewTab: false,      
  // notification title
  title: "macOSNotifJS",
  // notification message
  subtitle: "Default notification text", 
  // link for the main text
  mainLink: null, 
  // open link in a new tab
  mainLinkNewTab: false,
  // button 1 text
  btn1Text: "Close",
  // button 1 link
  btn1Link: null, 
  // open button 1 URL in a new tab
  btn1NewTab: false,
  // dismiss notification after Button 1 pressed
  btn1Dismiss: true, 
  // button 2 text
  btn2Text: "Go",
  // button 2 link
  btn2Link: null,
  // opens button 2 URL in a new tab
  btn2NewTab: false
  // dismiss notification after Button 2 pressed
  btn2Dismiss: true


v0.1.1 (06/10/2019)

  • Updated

v0.1.0 (06/09/2019)

  • Theming has once again been overhauled, with more of a focus on the internal function of it. They now work from a base JS class instead of being pre-defined in the CSS which means in the future it will be far easier to add new themes and allow user customisation.
  • The long standing bug where if you attempted to drag a notification whilst it was completing its dismissal animation it would bug out and get very confused has now been fixed in this version.
  • The main body link & link on the icon both now have the Dismiss option, alike to the two buttons, which allows users to disable the notification being dismissed when a user clicks on this link element.
  • Section links are now available on the site, you can see them by hovering over a heading on the website.


  • v0.0.6: Improved browser compatibility


  • v0.0.5: Lots of changes.


  • v0.0.4


  • new tab options


  • bug fix for quick triggered notifications


  • CSS update


  • minify some stuff

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