Pure JavaScript Growl-style Notification System – simpleNotify.js

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Pure JavaScript Growl-style Notification System – simpleNotify.js


simpleNotify.js is a simple, standalone JavaScript notification library for displaying various types of notifications on your webpage with message queue support.


  • Simple to use.
  • Growl style.
  • Auto dismiss after a certain timeout.
  • Easy to stylize.
  • Smooth fade in/out animations based on CSS3 transitions.

Basic usage:

Add the JavaScript file simpleNotify.js and stylesheet simpleNotifyStyle.css to your web page.

<script src="simpleNotify.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="simpleNotifyStyle.css">

Displays a ‘warning’ notification at the right corner of your webpage that will dismiss after 5 seconds.

simpleNotify('Message here', 5, 'warning')


  • Message: custom text/html content to display
  • Timeout: auto dismiss after x seconds.
  • Level: warning, good, danger or attention. You can add more notification types in the CSS.
simpleNotify(message, timeout, level)



  • Added notification show time and auto-dismissing


  • added support for closing icon

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