Responsive CSS Masonry Grid Layout – Grid Overflow

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Responsive CSS Masonry Grid Layout – Grid Overflow


A CSS library for creating responsive Masory- and Mosaic-style grid layouts with optional 3D hover effects.

How to use it:

1. Download and import the GridOverflow3D.css.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/GridOverflow3D.css" />

2. Create a grid layout using the following CSS classes:

  • gridOverflow: Required
  • go-3Dfx: Enables 3D hover effects
  • go-actionIcon: Add an action icon to the grid items
  • go_gridItem: Selector of grid items
  • go_caption: Selector of captions
  • go_caption-full: Make captions full width
  • go_gridItem-panorama: Horizontal rectangle
  • go_gridItem-vertigo: Vertical rectangle
  • go_gridItem-VIP: Large square
  • go_gridItem-centered: Make the content centered
<div class="gridOverflow go-3Dfx go-actionIcon">
  <a class="go_gridItem href="#">
    Grid Item 1
    <span class="go_caption go_caption-full">
      Caption 1
  <a class="go_gridItem go_gridItem-panorama" href="#">
    Grid Item 2
    <span class="go_caption go_caption-full">
      Caption 2
  <a class="go_gridItem go_gridItem-vertigo" href="#">
    Grid Item 3
    <span class="go_caption go_caption-full">
      Caption 3
  <a class="go_gridItem go_gridItem-VIP" href="#">
    Grid Item 4
    <span class="go_caption go_caption-full">
      Caption 4
  <div class="go_gridItem go_gridItem-centered" href="#">
    Grid Item 5
    <span class="go_caption go_caption-full">
      Caption 5

3. To create a Masonry layout, just add the go-masonry class to the parent container.

<div class="gridOverflow go-masonry go-3Dfx go-actionIcon">

4. Override the default CSS variables to create your own layout styles.

.gridOverflow {
  --itemMinWidth: 200px;
  --itemAspectRatio: 1;
  --gridGap: 10px;
  --mobileRowItemsCount: 2;
  --linkActionIcon: "⤢";
  --itemRounding: 6px;
  --masonryItemHeight: 180px;


v1.2.4 (06/27/2023)

  • zoom effect, info update

v1.2.3 (05/21/2023)

  • no JS workaround nedeed for Apple Safari

v1.2.2 (05/17/2023)

  • bugfix

v1.2.1 (05/10/2023)

  • mobileRowItemsCount doesn’t depend on resolution

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