10 Best Checkbox And Radio Input Replacement Libraries For 2019

This is an up-to-date list of 10 best JavaScript and/or CSS libraries which can be used to beautify and enhance the native, ugly, hard-to-style checkboxes and radio buttons in your HTML forms. I hope you like it.

Originally Published Dec 28 2017, updated Jan 09 2019

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1. Material & iOS Style Checkbox & Radio Inputs With Pure CSS

Material & iOS Style Checkbox & Radio Inputs With Pure CSS

Demo Download

A lightweight and pure CSS solution to create Material Design and iOS inspired animated checkboxes and radio buttons for your HTML form. Fully customizable via CSS & LESS.

2. el-checkbox

CSS/CSS3 Only Custom Checkboxes, Radios And Switches – el-checkbox

Demo Download

el-checkbox is a pure CSS/CSS3 library to create custom checkboxes, radio buttons, and iOS-style toggle switches.

3. checkboxes.css

Pretty Checkbox CSS Library – checkboxes.css

Demo Download

checkboxes.css is a pure CSS library used to prettify the regular checkbox inputs with custom styles as shown in the demo page.

4. beautiful-checkbox.css

Pretty Checkbox Replacement – beautiful-checkbox.css

Demo Download

The beautiful-checkbox.css library allows you to beautify and change styles, sizes, and positions of the native checkbox inputs with pure CSS.

5. Radio Input Based Toggle Button Group With Pure CSS

Radio Input Based Toggle Button Group With Pure CSS

Demo Download

A CSS only solution that converts a series of radio inputs into toggle buttons and groups them in an inline button group with gradients.

6. icheck-material

Material Design Checkboxes & Radio Buttons In Pure CSS – icheck-material

Demo Download

icheck-material is a CSS/CSS3 library that lets you beautify & animate the regular checkboxes and radio buttons with Material Design styles.

7. macOS Mojave Style Checkbox & Radio Button In Pure CSS

macOS Mojave Style Checkbox & Radio Button In Pure CSS

Demo Download

Makes use of SVG and HTML/CSS to create animated checkbox & radio button inputs inspired by macOS Mojave dark mode.

8. Awesome Bootstrap Checkbox

Pretty Checkbox & Radio Inputs with Bootstrap and awesome-bootstrap-checkbox.css

Demo Download

9. Magic-check


Demo Download

Magic-check is a very small CSS library used for replacing the default ugly checkboxes and radio buttons.

10. Google Material Design Style Checkbox

Google Material Design Style Checkbox Transition Effect with CSS3

Demo Download

Create animated checkboxes with fancy transition effects introduced in Google Material Design, by using CSS3 transitions and transforms.

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