A CSS Library To Animate Checkbox Input – checkbox.css

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A CSS Library To Animate Checkbox Input – checkbox.css


checkbox.css is a lightweight CSS library used to animate the native checkbox symbols/marks using CSS3 animations.

To apply check interactions to radio buttons, here is a CSS library called radiobox.css you might find useful.

How to use it:

Put the checkbox.css into the head section of the html file.

<link href="dist/checkbox.css" rel="stylesheet">

Add one of the following classes to your checkbox. That’s it.

  •  checkbox-Hey
  • checkbox-Away
  • checkbox-Inout
  • checkbox-Rotate
  • checkbox-Yo
  • checkbox-Roll
  • checkbox-Up
  • checkbox-Down
  • checkbox-Tv
  • checkbox-Jump
  • checkbox-Omg
  • checkbox-Splash
<input class="checkbox-hey" type="checkbox"/> Hey

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