Easy Gantt Chart Builder In JavaScript – Gantt.js

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Easy Gantt Chart Builder In JavaScript – Gantt.js


Ever wanted a Gantt Chart to display your tasks scheduled over time?

Gantt.js is a tiny JavaScript library that makes it easier to render a simple, plain, responsive Gantt Chart from any scheduled tasks defined in a JS array. Enjoy it.

How to use it:

1. Start by loading the following JavaScript and CSS files in the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./gantt.css" />
<script src="./gantt.js"></script>

2. Create an empty element that serves as the container for the Gantt Chart.

<div id="chart"></div>

3. Define your scheduled tasks in a JS object.

let data =  [
      recordID: 1,
      row: "Row for ID #1",
      tooltip: "Tooltips here! Get your tooltips!",
      start: "Wed Jun 03 2020 14:21:55",
      end: "Wed Jun 03 2020 20:21:55",
      urls: "https://www.cssscript.com"
      recordID: 2,
      row: "Row for ID #2",
      tooltip: "Tooltip for row 2",
      start: "Jun 03 2020 11:00:00",
      end: "Jun 03 2020 15:23:43",
      urls: "https://www.cssscript.com"
      recordID: 1,
      row: "Row for ID #1",
      tooltip: "Tooltip unique to this item",
      start: "Wed Jun 03 2020 06:00:00",
      end: "Wed Jun 03 2020 10:00:00",
      urls: "https://www.cssscript.com"

4. Pass parameters to the Gantt chart.

let params = {
    sidebarHeader: "Unused right now",
    noDataFoundMessage: "No data found",
    startTimeAlias: "start",
    endTimeAlias: "end",
    idAlias: "recordID",
    rowAlias: "row",
    linkAlias: "urls",
    tooltipAlias: "tooltip",
    groupBy: [],
    groupByAlias: [],
    refreshFunction: refreshFunction

5. Grab data from the JS object.

function refreshFunction() {
  return data;

6. Generate the Gantt chart.

let ganttChart = new Gantt("chart", params);

7. Refresh the Gantt chart if needed.




  • Added config parameter groupByAlias

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