Material Inspired Date & Time Picker – simplePicker

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Material Inspired Date & Time Picker – simplePicker


simplePicker is a vanilla JavaScript plugin to create Material Design inspired date picker with time picker integrated.

How to use it:

Install and import the simplePicker into your project.

$ npm install simplepicker --save
// ES 6
import SimplePicker from 'simplepicker';
// CommonJS:
const SimplePicker = require('simplepicker');

Or directly include the following JS and CSS files on the page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/simplepicker.css">
<script src="dist/simplepicker.js"></script>

Create a new date picker and specify the target container the date picker should append to (Default: body).

let myPicker = new SimplePicker(el);

Open/close the date picker.

Set the z-index property of the date picker.

let myPicker = new SimplePicker(el,{
    zIndex: 10

Reset the date picker.


Disable/enable the time selection.

let myPicker = new SimplePicker(el,{
    disableTimeSection: false
// or

Event handlers available.

myPicker.on('submit', function(date, readableDate){
  // ...
myPicker.on('close', function(date){
  // ...


v2.0.4 (05/24/2020)

  • fixes the issue where opts.selectedDate was not working.

v2.0.3 (08/28/2020)

  • Fixed a bug where simplepicker would modify table under it’s parent element.
  • Fixed issues with the constructor not working as expected in some cases.
  • Fixed a issue with where the date reported by the submit method differed from the one in UI. This bug was because of the reset method which is also used when created a simplepicker instance.

v2.0.2 (05/29/2020)

  • Update the time based on the reset date.
  • simplepicker: Allow user to pass a date to the reset method.


  • v2.0.1: Fixes a typo in one of the months: February. It also adds a new method reset to reset the date of simplepicker.


  • v2.0.0: fix simplepicker breaking in firefox


  • v1.2.4: avoid querying elements from other instance.

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8 thoughts on “Material Inspired Date & Time Picker – simplePicker

    1. elmanol

      I had this problem too. A fix I found is to add “e.stopImmediatePropagation();”
      at “click” event listener of the simplepicker.js file like so:

      e.addEventListener(“click”, function(e) {
      var t =,
      i = t.tagName.toLowerCase();

  1. Maryna

    Hello! I have an issue. I can’t find how to change a date format. The calendar gives this: yyyy/mm/dd and I need this one: dd/mm/yyyy. Thank you!

  2. sumit

    i tried to solve this problem ,how to disable dates from today in this simple picker?

  3. Hoàng Minh Hiếu

    I have an issue. I have 2 picker on a page. When I pick a date on a picker, it triggers submit event on both.


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