Pure JavaScript Toast & Dialog Popup Library – Alerty

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Pure JavaScript Toast & Dialog Popup Library – Alerty


Alerty is a tiny, easy, dependency-free JavaScript library that helps you create Material Design-styled alert/confirm/prompt dialog popups and toast notifications on the screen. Compatible with RequireJS and SeaJS.

How to use it:

Add the following required files to the HTML page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/alerty.css">
<script src="js/alerty.js"></script>

Create an alert dialog using alerty.alert method.

// alerty.alert(content, opts, onOk)
alerty.alert('Alert Message', {
  title: 'Info', 
  time: 3000
}, function(){alert('callback')})

Create a confirm dialog using alerty.confirm method.

// alerty.confirm(content, opts, onOk, onCancel)
  'Are you sure?', 
  {title: 'Notes', cancelLabel: 'Cancel', okLabel: 'Confirm'}, 
    alerty.toasts('this is ok callback', {place: 'top'})
  function() {
    alerty.toasts('this is cancel callback')

Create a prompt dialog using alerty.prompt method.

// alerty.prompt(content, opts, onOk, onCancel)
alerty.prompt('this is a prompt dialog', 
  {inputType: 'text', inputPlaceholder: 'fill the blank', inputValue: 'default value'},
    alerty.alert('value you typed is: <b>'+value+'</b>')
}, function(){alert('cancel callback')})

Create a toast-style notification message using alerty.toasts method.

// alerty.toasts(content, opts, callback)
alerty.toasts('Toast Message', {
  bgColor: '#ccc', 
  fontColor: '#000'
}, function(){alert('toasts callback')})


v0.0.2 (09/15/2022)

  • Bugfix

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