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Create Interactive Guided Tours In App – TourGuide.js


TourGuide.js is a customizable, framework-agnostic, and feature-rich guided tour/onboarding library written in JavaScript (TypeScript).

This step-by-step tour library is designed to make your users feel safe and at ease by breaking down new technology/features into digestible pieces.

More Features:

  • Animated smart popup based on Floating UI.
  • Auto-store the Finish state in the local storage.
  • Easy to implement without having to write JS.
  • Auto-scroll to the element when switching between steps.
  • Rich API and more…

How to use it:

1. Install & import the TourGuide.js.

$ npm i @sjmc11/tourguidejs
// ES
import "@sjmc11/tourguidejs/src/scss/tour.scss"
import {TourGuideClient} from "@sjmc11/tourguidejs/src/Tour"
// Browser
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/tour.min.css" />
<script src="dist/tour.js"></script>

2. Creata a new instance of the TourGuide.js.

const tg = new tourguide.TourGuideClient()

3. Create tour steps using HTML data attributes:

  • data-tg-title: Step title
  • data-tg-group: Used to group several tours on the same page
  • data-tg-order: The order of the step
  • data-tg-fixed: Stick the element
  • data-tg-margin: Auto-scroll margin from screen edge
<h1 data-tg-tour='This is the first step' data-tg-order="0">
  TourGuide.js Library Example
<p data-tg-tour='This is the second step' data-tg-order="1">
  A customizable, framework-agnostic, and feature-rich guided tour/onboarding library written in JavaScript (TypeScript).
<button data-tg-tour='This is a button' data-tg-order="1">
  Button Example
<p data-tg-tour='This is the last step' data-tg-order="99">Last Step</p>

4. Or using JavaScript:

new tourguide.TourGuideClient({
    steps: [{
      content: "Step Content"
      title: "Step Title",
      target: "", // target element
      order: "",
      group: "",
    // more options here (see below)

5. Start the tour.


6. All possible options.

  autoScroll?: boolean // auto scroll to elements
  autoScrollSmooth?: boolean // auto scroll smooth
  autoScrollOffset?: number // Offset from edge for smooth scroll
  backdropClass?: string // css transition classes
  backdropAnimate?: boolean // animate backdrop position & size
  backdropColor?: string // RGBA support only
  targetPadding?: number // space around highlighted target in px
  dialogClass?: string // css class for tour dialog
  dialogZ?: number // z-index of dialog
  dialogWidth?: number // width style property for dialog - recommended if loading images into content
  dialogMaxWidth?: number // max-width style property for dialog
  dialogAnimate?: boolean // Animate dialog position & size
  dialogPlacement?: Side | AlignedPlacement // TODO - test this param
  nextLabel?: string // text for next button
  prevLabel?: string // text for prev button
  finishLabel?: string // text for finish button
  hideNext?: boolean // hide next button
  hidePrev?: boolean // hide prev button
  completeOnFinish?: boolean // Set tour as finished in localStorage on finish
  keyboardControls?: boolean // enable next & prev arrow + esc key
  exitOnEscape?: boolean // Close the tour on escape key
  exitOnClickOutside?: boolean // Close the tour on backdrop click
  showStepDots?: boolean // show the dots tour progress
  stepDotsPlacement?: "footer" | "body" // show dots in dialog body/footer
  showButtons?: boolean // show next/prev buttons
  showStepProgress?: boolean // show `1/5` human-readable step progress
  closeButton?: boolean, // show close button
  rememberStep?: boolean // open tour on last active step
  debug?: boolean // show console logging
  steps?: TourGuideStep[] // pre-define the tour steps

7. More API methods.

// set options
  // options here 
// go to a specific step
tg.visitStep("next" | "prev" | number);
// go to the next step
// go to the previous step
// exit the tour
tg.exit().then(() => {
  // do something
// finish the tour
tg.finish().then(() => {
  // do something
// check if the tour is finished
// remove the tour state from the local storage
// refresh the tour
// refresh the dialog
// update positions

8. Events.

  // do something
  // do something
  // do something
  // do something
  // do something


v0.0.16 (03/14/2024)

  • Support allowDialogOverlap option when using large targets

v0.0.14 (03/09/2024)

  • Bugfixes

v0.0.11 (12/11/2023)

  • Bugfixes

v0.0.9 (06/20/2023)

  • FIX: added check stepIndex = 0 to updateDialog for disabled state on previous button
  • Remove trailing ; in options

v0.0.8 (03/19/2023)

  • Apply disabled attribute & class to prevBtn if activeStep equal to 0

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